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JC Kenneth Poore The Poore Farm
The Poore Family Farm

Due to the insight and
generosity of one man
J. C. Kenneth Poore, The Poore Family Foundation for North Country Conservancy was founded in 1979. Kenneth was the last Poore descendant and the first Chairman of the Board for The Foundation. Kenneth bequeathed his family’s 100-acre settlement, land, buildings and contents, to The Foundation he created, to serve as a historical and educational site, to a way of life that existed prior-to rural electrification.

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A 14yr old's account of Poore Family life in 1885.

- Hattie A.M. Poore

    "... Friday 23
Twenty six below this morning. But it is not as cold today as it was yesterday. This evening Mr. William Knapp and wife came down to visit us.
Saturday 24
Have been helping Mamma what I could but haven't been feeling very well. Papa and Ormand, have drawed a little hay to day. It has snowed most of the day.
Sunday, January 25, 1885
Not very cold today. Ormand and I have been down to meeting. There we were quite a lot of folks there. It has snowed quite a little today.
Tuesday 27
Sixteen below. It has been pretty cold day. We have been (to) school.
Wed Jan 28, 1885
It has snowed most all day, and blowed quite a lot. We have been to school to day ..."

View the entire
translated text of Hattie Poore's Diary. Included are the actual accounts of the day JC Kenneth Poore was born.
· 1885 Hattie A.M. Poore

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    The Poore Farm holds and preserves a rich collection of one family's heritage dating from the 1830's to the 1980s. The Museum's many exhibits act as an extraordinary Northern New Hampshire historical resource. Many historical artifacts and documents are on display and being preserved for future generations. The genealogical information about the Farm’s family and their connection to members of the North Country community is of particular interest to our visitors, tracing their heritage back some 200 years. This information is well documented through the many letters, diaries, journals, photographs, documents and town records in the collection. Attached is a portion. More will be added as time permits.
The Family Poore, Prehistory to the Present. by James H. Creighton

    "...155 years after John Poore made New England his adopted home, the United States counted its people for the first time. For many of us today, the 1790 census is our first official record of family offshoots. In some cases, the records give us much needed information. In other cases, the census merely offers hints at otherwise unknown people, far from suspected points of origin. Many times, important leads are overlooked because we are searching with blinders on. If anyone utilizes the old census records (and county records predating 1790), look beyond you personal family name for all possibilities. ... "

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The Full Legacy
by Mark J. Winer

    "...Kenneth told me that he went to a one-room schoolhouse.  After finishing the forth reader he had a decision to make, become a Naturalist or become a Farmer.  He chose the latter, for as he said. "You got to do a lot of different things."  The Poore Family had a few head of dairy cows, geese, and chickens, raised pigs, grew hops and wheat, and had a large kitchen garden.  Kenneth hunted and trapped.  He blamed his arthritic, gnarled and bent fingers on the cold water he put them into when trapping for beaver.
    Kenneth loved to read and over the years wrote for the local newspapers. He also learned photography and taxidermy, all without electricity..."

How I Met Him


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Poore Family Genealogy
by Linda Tillotson
Descendants of Samuel Poore

Generation No. 1

1. Samuel5 Poore  (Joseph4, Samuel3, Henry2, John1) was born 13 Dec 1758 in Rowley, MA, and died 21 Aug 1841 in Hillsboro, NH.  He married Anna Bridges 21 Oct 1784.  She was born 01 Feb 1762 in Of Rowley, MA, and died 21 Apr 1853.

Children of Samuel Poore and Anna Bridges are: 2 I. John6 Poore, born 26 Apr 1785; died 29 Jan 1865.  He married Elizabeth McIntire.
3 II. Samuel Poore, born 19 Apr 1787; died 30 Oct 1882 in Grasmere Cemetery, Grasmere Village, Goffstown, NH.  He married Jane Wells; born 25 Mar 1796; died 12 Aug 1882 in Grasmere Cemetery, Grasmere Village, Goffstown, NH.
4 III. Job Poor Poore, born 22 Jul 1789 in Goffstown, NH; died 07 Feb 1871 in Stewartstown, NH.
5 IV. Benjamin Poore, born 12 Aug 1791 in NH; died 01 Jun 1874 in Goffstown, NH.
6 V. Peggy Poore, born 06 Dec 1794; died 16 Jan 1795.
7 VI. Jesse Poore, born 16 Aug 1796; died 07 May 1836.  He married Jane Hall.
8 VII. Ira Poore, born 10 Oct 1798; died 1852.  He married Sally Upham.
9 VIII. Erie Poore, born 21 Nov 1800; died 28 Jan 1874.  He married Susan Saltmarsh.
10ix.Asa Poore, born 29 Jan 1803; died 14 Sep 1806 in Goffstown, NH.
11 X. Joseph Poore, born 09 Nov 1805; died 20 Apr 1880 in Goffstown, NH.  He married Arria Mitchell.

The Full Poore Genealogy

If you would like to know more about the Poore Family, have changes or additions, please contact our genealogy department at geno@poorefarm.org

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The Poore Family
Foundation for North
Country Conservancy,

is a New Hampshire based, state and federally sanctioned 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The foundation owns, operates and maintains the Poore Family Homestead Historic Farm Museum, a 100-acre original settlement nestled in the hills of the Connecticut River Valley in Stewartstown, NH.
The Foundation | About Us

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Penn Ave

May 24 1865 | Fort Reno DC

"Dear Father, ... I was down yesterday to witness the Grandest and most magnificent Review ever seen on the American Continent, or in the whole world. I wish you could have been there and seen it. It was grand beyond description. To hear the loud and hearty cheers and shouts of welcome that were raised as the war worn veterans passed up Penn Avenue would bring the hearts into the throats of the hardest hearted..."
- John Calvin Poore


View JC Poore's actual
Civil War Letters. Included are samples of both the original and translated copies.

· Oct 1864 · To Emma
· Nov 1864 · To Emma
· May 1865 · To Emma

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* Ads shown are original authentic Ads from the period and taken from the Poore Family Farm Museum archives. They should not be used, replicated or taken seriously in any way.
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